Welcome to Hippo Charity, the place where we make your debt related concern ours, hold your hand, and guide you on the path out of the bed you have made for yourselves. Whether it is payday loans or logbook loans that worry you, where there is a problem, there is a solution, and we intend on being that solution for you.

From needing money to pay for your children's higher education to needing it for the much discussed house renovations, we all need money at some point in time that we do not have. The upshot of this is that we end up borrowing money, which put us under debt. Now to outright declaring debt as a villain is probably not the best way to put things. Considering the various ways in which borrowing money can be a revelation to you, perhaps debt is not that bad at all. It is in fact taking up debt beyond your capacity that causes you to panic and things to get troublesome. Either way, if you have taken up debt that you are or expect to struggle with, perhaps you need a little advice to guide you in the right direction. This is exactly what we do here at Hippo Charity.

How can debt be troublesome?

Having debt is not a rare sight anymore. It does not single out or set you apart. In fact, in the UK, the number of people with some sort of debt is increasing by each passing day. Therefore, it is an excess of debt that ends up being wearisome, not every debt. However, does that mean that a limited amount of debt does not need management? Certainly not. The fact that any little problem can be aggravated into becoming a big one through negligence points towards the need for management in pretty much every aspect of life, let alone such an important one. For instance, even small interest rate payments if left unpaid and pile up to be a significant amount with further accrued interest that would become a major pebble in the shoe. Therefore, whether you have a very limited amount of debt or a particular large one, you need advice on managing it either way, and when you do, we are just the entity you turn to.

What is our role?

Firstly, it is important to note that the purpose of Hippo Charity is to provide you with free, yet important debt advice that would become the cornerstone in your overcoming of your debt. This entails that we are not a loan offering website like Peachy, nor do we concern ourselves with activities like that of the loan shark. Our purpose here is to enlighten you with the various ways in which you can take a dominant position over your debts and do something about them. We offer you plans, ideas, and practical ways, which would go on and become that something you need to ensure that your debts do not take a toll on you. At Hippo Charity, we believe that proper management is the key to putting an end to your debt-related problems and thus, exist to provide help to anyone and everyone in need of such help.

How do we help?

From helping you formulate different budgets and plans of actions, to giving you general advice, we pretty much exist to ensure that you know exactly what you are up against and what tools you require to win the battle. Similar to what the likes of Debt Advice Foundation do, we take into account your individual circumstances and requirements, and then based upon this information, come up with personalized plans that help you get on top of your financial standing. Whether it is just general information you require or specialized plans to help subdue increasing debt, we have just the information for you.

How does it all work?

Once you have decided to seek debt-related help, there are two primary ways to go forward. The first way is to fill in our debt remedy assessment form. Through this, you provide us with information, which ranges from the details of your debt to the income that you earn. This gives us a clear idea about your financial capacity to deal with your debts and thus, play a vital role in formulating a plan for you. Once we receive your information, we try our best to process it as fast as we can and get back to you with a budget and plan of action.  Alternatively, you can just simply write to us or call us on our hotline. This would be a more optimal route if you have specific questions you need answers to. Perhaps what to keep in mind when making a budget, or how much of your income should you dedicate towards debt repayment? Such questions do not require a greater understanding of your individual standing and thus, can be answered without much information. However, when you need help dealing with debt, which is taking a toll on you, it is always better to go for the more thorough remedy.

However, does it mean that we are here for those with logbook loans and payday loans debt only? Certainly not. Even if you do not have either of the two but expect to, someday in the future, you can still contact us and get invaluable advice that would ensure that when the time does come, you are more than equipped to deal with all the different aspects of having debt.

Why choose Hippo Charity?

Many at times, your debt-related matters can be really complicated or require a long-term view. Considering the important nature of these issues, there is certainly no place for negligence to make home. In such circumstances, what you need is a reliable debt advice provider, with the experience that you can count on.

With years of experience offering debt-related advice, Hippo Charity is now an established name in debt advice. From helping people make up budget plans, to dragging them out of debt they thought they had drowned in, Hippo Charity has ensured over the years that no client is left unsatisfied. Our helplines are always open and our staff is not just apt in what they do, but friendly and empathetic enough to understand individual problems and suggest solutions accordingly.

At Hippo Charity, we deal in candor, make your problems ours and help you find ways to take control. At Hippo Charity, we enlighten, encourage, and empower you.


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