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As the name suggests, logbook loans are secured loans whereby you get a loan by keeping your car as collateral. While the car does stay with you throughout the loan period, you are required to surrender its logbook. Due to the highly secured nature of these loans, they are unsurprisingly easy to get access to. Therefore, if you are a citizen of the UK and legally own a car that qualifies for the loan, this is all that you need. This lack of hassle has made these loans a rather popular choice in the UK.

Due to this nature of these loans, it is not an uncommon sight to see people take a greater than needed amount of loans when it comes to these loans. However, these loans, which may seem too good to be true, aren't really all rainbows and butterflies. The amplified interest rates that generally accompany these loans makes them a rather expensive choice. On top of that, if you happen to be late on your payments or default altogether, a danger of getting your car taken away looms over your head. Your lender does not even need a court order to do so. If this was not enough, if your car sells for less than the amount of your loan, you may still have to pay.

Such are the dangers that lenders like LogbookLoansDirect shy away from putting their emphasis on and thus, most people are left unaware. This calls for require entities like ClearStart and us to lend a helping hand and enlighten you. Whether you are under the heap of pressure logbook loans put on you or just simply are considering getting a logbook loan, all you have to do is let us know of your situation and we will be there with our advice that would help you make the most optimal choice.


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